Essential camping gear

6 Essential Camping Gear You Should Bring

Your essential camping gear solely depends on the type of camping trip you intend embarking on. While preparing to go camping, endeavor to pack these essential camping gear irrespective of the kind of adventure you plan embarking on as these gears will make your trip a comfortable and memorable one.

Tents is one of Essential camping gear

If you are going camping, you will undoubtedly need something you are going to sleep on. Therefore, a tent should be your topmost priority. Tents are designed in various sizes and types. Some tents are designed for backpacking and are light weighted, while others that are heavier are best suited for luxuries such as hanging out close to a car. Also, note that tents are designed to suit a particular season of a variety of seasons.

Sleeping Pads and Bags the most important camping gear

Similar to tents, the sleeping bags also come in various weights and are capable of handling varying temperatures. This means that you will have to make some research in a bid to determine most suitable bag for your camping adventure. You will likely spend around $100-$250 in order to acquire a good sleeping bag. However, if you prefer the sleeping pad to the sleeping bag, you should go for it. There are good numbers of adequately designed sleeping bags readily available for purchase. These sleeping bags are usually sold for $70 – $200.

Headlamps, Flashlights or Lanterns

Any of these instruments is essential camping gear. They are used to help campers see through the night. A durable, LED flashlight is best for such nights as it will help you get around the campsite easily. A lantern is also an essential camping gear as it also aids in making one see through his/her tent in the dark.

Hiking Footwear

Your camping footwear depends on the type of camping adventure you intend embarking upon. However, your everyday sneakers will be perfect for a variety of camping activities. However, if you plan to go on a more extended camping trip, then you should go for shoes with more stability, padding, and support such as boots and lightweight hiking boots.

First Aid Kit

You shouldn’t be surprised seeing a first aid kit in this list. The first aid kit Include aspirins, gauze, and bandages. Other kits such as bug sprays as well as aloe vera are essential for burns and blisters.

Paper Maps

Irrespective of your camping type, there is every possibility that your cell phone might be out of signal. It’s therefore pretty essential to get a map of where you intend camping before you set out. Learn how to correctly read it and do not depend on GPS.

There are lots of camping gadgets, but these are the essential camping gears that you will need while going camping.

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