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6 Tips for Camping with Dogs

My dog, Terry loves going camping as much as I do. Over the years, I have come to learn quite a lot of camping essentials regarding camping with dogs. I will be sharing tips on how to keep your dogs safe away from wild animals, the right places to camp with dogs, and tips on how to ensure your dogs are well behaved at the campsite. In addition to these, I will be sharing some tips on how to ensure your dogs have adequate fun at the campsite without having to disturb your neighbors. Are you planning on going camping with dogs? Then you should consider these tips:

1. Can I go camping with my dog?

Of course, you can! Actually, dogs love the outdoors. They love exploring the woods, stretching their body, having fun with humans. But not all campsites allow pets, especially dogs. Therefore, you would first of all search around for camp grounds that are pet-friendly.

There are lots of ancient camping sites overseen by the United States Forest Service that are pet-friendly.

You could check with them to locate a campsite close to your locality.

2. Check your dog’s health and vaccinations

Some campgrounds request for up-to-date vaccinations for dogs and other pets. Even if the campground you intend camping at doesn’t ask for it, its ideal you keep up with your dog’s vaccinations. Make out time to visit the vet shop with your dog before you go camping with it.

Secondly, make sure you refill any finished prescriptions, training treats, and vitamins before heading towards your campground. Refilling these on the road can be pretty expensive. Moreso you are likely to get low-quality drugs at an exorbitant price.  A healthy dog is also a happy dog.

3. What to Pack for Your Dog

Dogs love comfort irrespective of where it finds itself. While camping with your dog, bring a leash, water bowls, his food, favorite toys, and kennel. You should also consider bringing cables and stakes. These will keep your dog comfortable, and busy thereby, preventing it from wandering away into the woods. Pack along some first aid kit, and some treats for rewarding outstanding behaviors.

4. Protect Your Dog From Wildlife

Depending on your camping destination, you might need to protect your dog from wild animals such as tigers, lions, beers and so on. Ensure your dog is adequately strapped at all times as this will protect it from wandering away from you and into danger.

Notwithstanding the fact that you wouldn’t want your dog wandering into danger, never leave your dog strapped up and unattended to at the campground as it would be unable to defend itself in terms of danger.

5. Ensure your dog gets lots of Exercises

Since you have decided to go camping with your dog, you need to ensure it gets lots of exercises. Plan your camping exercises to include it. Search camps with dog-friendly adventures, so you can take it there with you. A properly-exercised dog is likely to have a good night rest because it will be tired having exercised all day.

6. Picking a Tent

If your dog stretches out a lot and sleeps slantwise in bed, then you should consider buying a large tent when choosing a tent. Pick a tent that is large enough for you and your dog. Consider your dog as a human being when picking a tent. Never leave your dog alone in your tent as it as it could be disastrous.

You can find the tips on how to choose the best ultralight backpacking tent here.

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