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7 Essential on How to Sleep Better While Camping

A good number of people find it pretty difficult to sleep comfortably while at the campground. Notwithstanding how surprising this might seem, sleeping in the woods, outside the comfort of your home isn’t always peaceful. Listed are a couple of techniques you can adapt to aid you to sleep better while camping.

1. Sleeping Site

While some people can comfortably sleep next to a campfire under the sounds of the bubbling creek, others cannot. Even though a good number of campers love falling asleep to the melodic sounds of nature, these sounds can sometimes be too loud and unbearable. Similarly, the quietness might actually keep you awake at night. Therefore, depending on your preference, choose a campsite. You should also consider coming along with your earplugs.

2. Setup your tent in a comfy spot

When looking for the right spot to set up your tent, go for flat surfaces, and if on a hill, make sure your head is uphill. Make sure the spot is free of sharp objects and rocks. It’s more appropriate to go for softer ground.

3. Examine your sleeping bag and bed cushioning

Ensure you have the right amount of bed cushioning needed to keep you comfortable and warm at night. Examine your air mattress before leaving to the campground. Check to see if it inflates correctly. You can as well add some foam for some additional comfort.

4. Opt for the best sleeping bag

To sleep better while camping, ensure you go for the best sleeping bag. All sleeping bags are sold with varying temperature rating. Endeavor to ask for the temperature rating of the sleeping bag you intend settling for; also check for reviews to have an idea of what people are saying about it. It’s best to opt for a sleeping bag with a temperate rating that is cooler than the weather you are anticipating. However, if you aren’t pretty sure of the sleeping bag’s temperature rating, bring along some extra warm layers such as a blanket.

Warm your sleeping bag.If the thought of having to sleep on a cold bed while camping sends some cold drill down your spine, worry no more, you can have a comfortable, warm bed. One of most efficient ways of having a warm bed is by placing a pot of boiled water contained in a heat-resistant bottle inside your sleeping bag. This should be done about 30 minutes before bedtime. Make sure the bottle is appropriately and tightly covered. When you lay on your sleeping bag, you will feel warm and comfortable.

5. Avoid Mosquitoes

A lot of things can make one have a restless night, one of which is mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one of the dread insects that can make one have a sleepless night. If you love staying under the stars at night just to watch them, then you should consider getting a mosquito net. Mosquito nets will assist in keeping these blooding sucking bugs away from you and allow sleep better while camping. If you intend sleeping in a tent or in your RV, check to ensure there are no holes, but if there are any, patch them up. You could also make use of natural lavender products as they help in eradicating these bugs.

6. Avoid S’mores and chocolate at night

S’mores and chocolate are usually associated with the campfire. However, all the caffeine and sugar from chocolate might prevent you from having a good night rest. Instead of settling for these, opt for herbal teas. These teas help to relax the body and mind at night thereby enabling you to sleep better while camping. One of such herbal teas is chamomile.

Get handy and proper functioning flashlights

Virtually everyone detests stepping out of their beds at night especially at the campground. However, this is pretty inevitable. Even if you don’t intend waking up at night, it’s imperative you place a flashlight close to your bed for unforeseen circumstances. This will make it pretty easy to get up at night.

7. Check your closeness to the convenience

If you know you cannot control your excretory system till daybreak, it’s ideal you pick a campground close to the convenience. This will make it much easier and comfy for you.

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