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9 Important Tips for Winter Camping

It might interest you to know that most people enjoy camping in the winter owing to the peaceful, cozy, and quite attributes associated with this season. With most rivers, lakes and streams frozen, winter offers an outstanding outdoor camping environment. Most people prefer camping in the snow compared to any other season of the year. Though this might seem weird to some people, believe it or not, winter is one of the most adventurous and exciting time to camp. The key to an outstanding winter camping is having the right tips for winter camping. Irrespective of what you intend doing while camping during winter, the following tips will be of great benefit to you.

1. Pick a Realistic Site

When picking a camping site during winter, consider your expectations and limitations. Do you enjoy sleeping outside during the cold weather? Do you like the snow? If you do not enjoy any of these, avoid camping during winter.

2. Check the Weather Prognosis

Before heading out to your destination, check the weather prognosis and be sure of what to expect. However, always be on alert for a change in weather.

3. Ensure you wear the right clothing

Wool socks, thermal underwear, warm jackets, gloves and warm boots are appropriate winter wears; therefore, you should go along with these set of clothing. Dressing in layers is essential as it will help regulate your body temperature. Wearing the right winter clothing is one of the essential tips for winter camping.

4. Pack the right winter camping gear

To ensure you are comfortable while camping during the winter, it is crucial you pack the right camping gear. Endeavor to pick the right sleeping bag suitable for the temperature.  An additional foam pad is also essential as it will help with the cold emerging from the ground. Furthermore, a 4-season tent is vital to keep you warm during this period. If you intend snow camping, you should bring an extra stove for melting snow and ensure you pack enough fuel for it.

5. Winterize Your RV or Camper

If you intend camping in an RV, trailer or pop-up camper, endeavor to winterize your camper. One of the most common problems associated with these types of machinery is freezing water lines. Consult your various manuals related to these machines for the best tips for guarding against this inconsistency. Make sure its properly working before heading out.

6. Warm Your Sleeping Bag Before Bedtime

A warm sleeping bag can make your night more relaxed and cozy. During winter, sleeping bags are usually cold and needs to be warmed up.  However, it takes quite a lot of time to warm it up with just the body heat. Hence it’s imperative warm it up using some techniques such as placing boiled water in an airtight container under it. The heat will heat the bed and make it more enjoyable to sleep on.

7. Bring lots of Firewood

It can be pretty difficult getting firewood during winter, mostly owing to the fact that summer campers make adequate use of them before winter. It’s therefore imperative you bring your own firewood to your camping ground during winter. Sitting around a campfire during winter, will help keep you warm, and also make cooking outside fun.

8. Prepare Healthy Meals

During summer, you could go for sandwiches, watermelon and the likes while camping, but during winter, healthy meals such as soups, stews and hot coffee are ideal.

9. Pack a Book or Entertainment

During winter, there are longer nights and shorter days. Therefore, it necessary to bring a book, or some other form of entertainment gadget to keep your eyes busy while you wait for nature to take its place. If you go to bed early, you will certainly wake up before sunrise.

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