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How to Choose the Best Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Choosing an appropriate ultralight backpacking tent might be a little tedious. If you happen to purchase the wrong ultralight backpacking tent, you would have to endure the experiences that come with it for some years before you can invest in another one. In this piece of article, I would be giving out some tips on how to choose the best ultralight backpacking tent for people who aren’t familiar with ultralight backpacking tents. Your utmost concern when purchasing a best ultralight backpacking tent should beweather, size, design or shape, weight and quality. There are four major factors associated with choosing your best ultralight backpacking tent.


I have gone camping count less number of times and during most of these times I go camping with my buddies. When I go camping with these wonderful pals, we usually sleep two people per tent. Those that snore loudly while sleeping, come with a single person tent to avoid disturbing other with their act. While those of us that do not, share our tents. However, these occasional camping periods with pals have made me realize that most often,  the producer’s stated “size “of a tent is not always real. For instance, many two-man or three-man tent is usually so small that they can hardly accommodate the stated number of persons.

For two average sized persons medium sized persons, a three-man tent is usually ideal for their comfort while a two-man tent is ideal for two small sized persons.

First and foremost, your height and the dimension of the floor should be taken into consideration.  For instance,  a person who is over 6’ft tall,  would not be comfortable in a tent that is about 22 inches wide and a length of  6’3” inches, this means that when the person is sleeping, his head and feet would be pushing against the tent wall.


The best ultralight backpacking tent design is the rectangular shaped ultralight backpacking tent with two doors and two vestibules. The two doors have room enough for yourself and a friend to go in and exit quickly. If you position your tent in a place where the floor is uneven, the access door will accommodate two persons. To set up this tent, place your poles in a diagonal position forming an X. this X structure is designed in such a way that the tent is easy to fix and they can be put together at any time even at night.

There are some tent producers who tend to upgrade this design every now and then, however most times in a bid to improve on these designs they make these tent complicated to setup, and difficult to repair. It is advisable to practice how to fix your tent at home once you purchase it before going camping – your tent might just be among those that was recently upgraded by the company.


Weight is also a factor to be considered, though most people do not see it as an essential factor. They think the price of the tent and their budget are the essential factors to be considered. Interestingly, you can cut down your cost by budgeting for your gear, getting feasible tents and investing your money in other important stuff you would need.

If your preferred tent is a pound heavier than a light weighted and more expensive tent, splitting the cost of the heavier tent between two persons helps save cost. A times, you can save about $200 from purchasing heavier tents, for instance, the most common 6-pound tent can be gotten for $200 while a 5-pound tent might go for $400. However, the choice is entirely yours.

Although, a lot of persons would prefer the 6-pound tent because it’s less expensive. But if you have the resources, a 5-pound tent is desirable while a 4-pound tent is perfect. It is always advisable to go light if you are buoyant enough. If you intend going camping with a friend, it would be ideal to settle for a 6-pound tent.


The quality of a tent matters a lot. While you could save some couple of dollars buying a cost-efficient tent, these cheap tents don’t stand the taste of time; a zipper might break sooner or later, a pole might break, the fly might start leaking, etc.

If you wish to save more money, it is of paramount importance to invest in standard tents of about $200 and $300. Super light high-quality tents, are more durable, and preferable.

Best ultralight backpacking tent is an exercising worth enjoying. When backpacking your camping gears, try as much as possible to ensure your backpack is light especially if you are likely to visit lots of places including places you might not return to so it’s advisable to make it a worthwhile experience.

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